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Arachno-phone-bia is a game about being respectful in the movie theater. The spider who works (unofficially) at the theater wants people to enjoy their viewing experience. He hangs from the ceiling watching the patrons as they watch the movies. If they are hungry or thirsty, he's got them covered. But if they take out  a phone, he gets mad and "escorts" them out.

Also, don't bother with Jamie from the concession stand. He's "on break" right now.

Use WASD to crawl along the ceiling that you are hanging from.

Use SPACE to drop down and check for phones or grab concessions.

The game has 3 stages, and gets progressively harder.

Programmer and all around cool person - Thomas Lucas

Lead Artist/Sound Design - John Gabriel

Art/Sound Design/Management - Trevor Shaw

Additional sounds from Zapsplat.com

Music - Joel Stuedler

Install instructions

Chrome will complain that the download is not recognized, there is an option to download anyway.

Unzip to the folder of your choice.

Windows will complain they don't recognize the file, under additional options there is a button to run anyway.


Arach-nophone-bia v1.0.zip 44 MB

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